The 4 Kinds of Animated Explainer Videos

Animated Explainer Videos


If you like scavenging the internet, I bet you’ve watched a multitude of animated explainer videos. They have littered the internet these days because they are affordable and can propel your brand to a whole new level. They are purposed to give customers insights about your business and expand the reach of your brand. We all know that video creates a bigger impact than text because it usually tells a story that easily resonates with the audience. With that said, here are the different kinds of explainer videos out there:

Definition of animated explainer videos

These are videos that include audio compilation and visual illustrations used to demonstrate both a problem and its accompanying solution. They also show the flow of a process or aid in helping consumers to comprehend complex data about your business. They can also be used to walk customers through a websites functions or mobile application showcasing all the services provided by the business, as well as uses of the application.

Types of animated explainer videos

1)   Animated explainer videos that include characters

As the name suggests, they are videos that predominantly feature animated characters and are created with the customer in mind. Ideally, the video tells a brand story that aligns with customers’ needs using animated characters. The video comprehensively explains the customer’s problem and gives strategies on how the product or service will solve that problem. It is recommended that you use live characters in your explainer videos, as customers tend to relate to them.

2)   Animated explainer videos without characters

Animated explainer videos without characters are also common these days. They typically use illustrated graphics. They are effective at demonstrating the flow of a process.

3)   Video graphics animated explainer videos

These kinds of animated explainer videos are information oriented and are made using text, numbers, and statistics. In certain instances, they are made with embedded animation and sound effects. They aim to make the customer understand a brand message visually.

4)   Website and web app animated explainer videos

Website and web app animated explainer videos typically use screen recordings. The screen recordings are exhibited in an organized, step-by-step explanation of your business mobile application. You can leverage these videos to exhibit to customers what your business application can do for them before they can buy your products and services.

Animated explainer videos are powerful marketing tools. They help drive up the sales by enhancing a business’s popularity. That’s why you must include video in your marketing strategy. The highlight above gives you a head start to choose an animated video to implement in your business.


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