4 Tips on Synchronizing Your Explainer Videos with Your Marketing Campaigns

Explainer Videos with Your Marketing

Creating an animated explainer video is the best move you’ll ever make for your business. However, creating an impactful explainer video goes beyond the animations. The background music, the voiceover, and other effects contribute to the success of the explainer video. However, what makes animated explainer videos, great marketing tools is because they allow you to synchronize them with your marketing campaigns. Here are tips on how to do that:

v You should leverage social media to brand your animated explainer videos

Any smart marketer or business owner will ensure they create a social channel before they create any product explainer video. However, just creating a social channel is not enough. You have to tweak its design to differentiate it from other channels. The idea is to create a channel that is recognizable across the various social channels to enhance brand awareness and visibility. Luckily, you don’t have to go through a hassle to achieve that. Your animated explainer video that encompasses visual design, characters, and consistent colors can do that for you.



v Make a point to translate your explainer videos to reach a global audience

When targeting your audience, there are many factors to consider, including location, age, gender, and interests. Your product explainer videos will appeal to your target audience if they align with those factors. And you can use those strategies to test your explainer videos in a new market. However, when the new market doesn’t speak your language, you don’t have to create a completely new explainer video, just translate the video.

v Leverage the share function to populate your explainer videos on the internet

Most business owners promote their explainer videos by embedding them on their website’s homepage or landing page. You want as much exposure as possible, so share your video on social media, forums, and other platforms that allow content sharing. This will ensure your explainer videos reach a wider audience.

v Make a point to test various call to actions to realize different goals for your explainer videos

Calls to actions are critical in marketing to entice consumers to take action depending on your brand’s marketing goals. The ultimate message on your explainer videos will hinge on the kind of action you want your target audience to take. Typical examples of actions that you would want your viewers to take include subscribing, taking a free trial and requesting a quote. Viewers are more likely to respond to your request if you use different call-to-actions in your explainer videos.


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