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Partners Ministries is the corporate vision of Dr. David Matthew and several like minded individuals whose hunger is to see to the actualization of the dream of ensuring the improvement of the poor masses of Kogi State in Nigeria.

Shortly after the four weeks intensive training on holistic development organized by the Christian Rural and Urban Development Association of Nigeria (CRUDAN) at the ‘Ugane House’ behind Kogi State University, Anyigba, Kogi State, Nigeria in September 2007, Dr. David Matthew vas motivated to mobilize some project-minded persons particularly from his immediate environment of the eastern senatorial district of Kogi State, Nigeria to form this organization.

Project Partners Ministries is an organization aimed at ensuring that the poverty stricken persons of Kogi State in central Nigeria are assisted to benefit and attain the millennium development goals. It is no longer news that Kogi State is rated the poorest of the 36 states in Nigeria beside Jigawa and Yobe states. Rural dwellers in the state hardly feel the impact of the activities of non-governmental organizations. We can no longer fold our arms and wait on government to do everything for the citizens as that is not practically achievable anywhere in the world. The need to gather creative persons from different fields of human endeavor to initiate projects and programs aimed at improving the lot of the poor masses cannot be over-emphasized.

This is our vision and we will pursue it strongly as God enables us. Please consider joining or supporting this dream today.


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