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Mrs. Caroline Gross.

An American missionary who adopted Alimo.

Training, Counselling and Caring for Prisoners via Preaching and Teaching of The Word of God


This organization was set up in 2005 as a result of great need for reaching out to prisoners particularly in federal prisons in central Nigeria and beyond.



  1. To win converts for Christ Jesus by saving lost souls by evangelizing prisoners.

  2. Prisoners become born again Christians and no longer engage in criminal acts.

  3. Prisoners demonstrate life of Christ on earth as shining examples for others both in and out of prisons to be drawn to Christ.

  4. Prisoners are rehabilitated, competently engaging in skills as productive and integral members of the society.



  1. Evangelizing prisoners and even their staff as well.

  2. Enrolling prisoners for Emmaus Bible School correspondence courses.

  3. Providing primary and secondary school programs for prisoners without basic education in form of adult literacy programs.

  4. Creating awareness for prisoners, warders, government and the general public on the need for training and re-training of prisoners to get reformed to be useful citizens.

  5. Provision of skills like shoe-making, carpentry, tailoring, typewriting, computer, mechanics, welding, farming, rearing of animals etc.

  6. Provision of basic needs like food, drugs clothing, beddings, and assisting with hospital bills.

  7. Offering counseling services to prisoners.

  8. Opening churches and posting pastors or chaplains to run the established fellowships in the prison.

  9. Using trained ex-prisoners and disabled preachers in addition to our other members to practically evangelize prison yards for quickest and instant results of winning converts as a result of challenges this strategy poses. To provide legal services to combat misuse of justice.


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