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Mrs. Caroline Gross.

An American missionary who adopted Alimo.

Welcome to the Alimo Prison Ministry Website. We believe that the Lord directed you here for a positive purpose.

You may wonder why the name "Alimo"? Though abandoned by her biological, parents, incapacitated as physically crippled, dumb and of low intelligent quotient, Alimo was adopted by our mother in the Lord, Mrs. Caroline P. D Gross, An American missionary (See picture to the left). It was because of Alimo that the Christian Missions in many Lands (CMML) Special School at Iyale opened on 24th April 1982. It was because of her that Mrs. Gross set up a program at the CMML Mission Station, Anyigba, called, Hope for Alimo and friends. In 1992 Pastor Daniel Aduojo Edeh took over that program and moved it to Otutulu, metamorphosing it into the Ministry of Mercy (MOM).

Now that this Ministry has sprung up from the projects set up because of Alimo with none bearing her name, it is most appropriate this one is named after her as a memorial for she has since slept in the Lord. Just as numerous blind, deaf and dumb, crippled, mentally retarded, epileptic, elderly, orphans and even non-­disabled groups and individuals have benefited and continue to benefit from services rendered by projects set up because of Alimo, this Ministry has been set up to touch the lives of prisoners in line with Matthew Chapter 25 verses 39, 40, 44 and 45.


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