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Mrs. Caroline Gross.

An American missionary who adopted Alimo.

Training, Counselling and Caring for Prisoners via Preaching and Teaching of The Word of God

In order to fully actualize the vision and mission at Alimo Prison Ministries, the following needs ought be met:

Copies of the Holy Bible for free distributions in prison yards. Christian tracts and magazines to aid evangelism, books in various primary and secondary school subjects for acquisition of basic education of prisoners particularly for those of them who are school drop-outs. Musical instruments and hymn books to enhance worship services in the prisons, visual materials like videos and cassettes on programs that will reshape prisoners during film shows etc.

Provision of funds for purchase of food, drugs and other basic personal needs of prisoners as in sickness needing hospitalization or operations.

Voluntary staff who may be willing to come and join us in performing these tasks more effectively and efficiently.

Provision of a rehabilitation centre where prisoners or x-prisoners can acquire skills leading to their integration into the mainstream of the society. Therefore materials needed for acquisition of skills are needed like computers, typewriters, generators and or barbing saloons, Shoemaking materials, materials for welding~ mechanics, tailoring, soap-making, paint-making carpentry etc.

The ministry is in great need of means of transportation in order to reach out to several prisoners in different locations.

If you desire to know more or give to support this noble vision, Please check out our contact page for information on how to reach us. May God bless you.


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