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Income Generating Projects: These are needed for obvious reasons including funding for the sustainability of the school project. Such projects do not only provide jobs for some of the less academically inclined disabled persons but afford many training skills either for self-employment or skill acquisition for absorption into the labour market

Computer centre - Once facilities for a computer centre are provided to include photocopiers, sets of computers, binding and laminating machines, such a centre would maintain itself and provide training for disabled children particularly the deaf and the physically handicapped to be gainfully employed in different business centres in and around Kogi State in addition to generating income for the up-keep of the institution.

Poultry   - This project would provide nourishment in the feeding of the disabled children and bring income for the sustenance of the institution.


Bakery   - The rural nature of the environment guarantees source of such materials as fire-wood. Between Anyigba and Abejukolo the headquarters of Omala Local Government Area, there is no bakery. It is viable to set up one for the institution for marketability and up-keep of the institution.

Musical Instruments         -  Many blind and physically handicapped persons are gifted in music. Provision of complete set of musical instruments would in no small measure enhance production of music albums and income generation as the institution would be receiving invitations to perform at public functions to boost the economy of the institution.

Need for permanent solution to water problem  - Either a water tanker or borehole would be needed to permanently solve the water problem in the institution. Lokoja UNICEF office feasibility report shows water could be got from fifty meters down the slope.

Feeding Problem   -  Disabled children schooling here boarders and come from poor parental backgrounds. Some that their parents have means of supporting them lack such support owing to ignorance of parents on the capability potentials of their disabled children. Without food, disabled children would not be comfortable receiving lessons in the institution.

Need for Generator - The current school generators for pumping water and provision of light in the school are old needing replacement.


Need for School Van         - Both the school bus and the pick-up van are currently grounded. The school would be very grateful if a new school van is donated to her. This would ease mobility of both the disabled children and staff.

Need for school clinic        - Owing to the peculiar location of the institution on the hill, the disabled children would be immeasurably grateful if facilities for a health centre are provided them in the school since nurses could be easily posted on secondment to the school from the State Hospitals board. Crippled children admitted in hospitals in the town suffer untold hardships receiving inappropriate hospital services.

Need for Science Laboratory Equipment - Disabled Children who are science inclined would be very grateful if the school lab is equipped.

Sporting materials - The school children would be grateful if facilities for sports are provided them to enable their participation in national competitions for sports of disabled persons become a reality.

Need for the replacements of asbestos roofs     - Buildings with asbestos roofs including boys’ hostel, girls’ hostel and the principal's house are terribly leaking when rain falls and need replacement.

Need for fencing - The school] is in dire need of fence to safeguard against land encroachment and for security of lives and properties.


Other needs that are also crucially basic to the school include:

1. New Girls hostel ii. New boys hostel iii. School dining-hall and kitchen  iv. New staff quarters  v. new administrative block to house the staff room, the principal's office and library. vi. Computers, wheelchairs, Braillers, Mobility Canes etc.

May the good Lord give you the Grace to attend to the needs of these helpless disabled children in their bid to attaining educational goals from the status of relegation to upliftment to glorification.  Amen.  

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