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The Nigeria National Federation of the Blind has the followings as some of her key aims and objectives:


-  To serve as the vehicle for collective action by the blind of the Federal republic of Nigeria

-  To function as a mechanism through which the blind can come together in Local, State and National meetings to plan and carry out programmes to improve the qualities of their lives.

-  To provide a means of collective action for the parents of blind children.

-  To promote vocational, cultural, educational, economic and social advancement of the blind.


These are a few of the Federation's aims and objectives. For a breakdown of all our objectives, by-laws and membership methods please view or constitution by clicking [here] or the link to the left.


At present, there is a strong need of volunteer staff both at home and abroad to practically enhance the realization of the noble goals of this organization.

The organization is also in desperate need of a building to house the Head Office from which the activities of local and state chapters can be properly coordinated.

Besides the need of funding of seminars and workshops on public awareness and sensitization programs for members, materials like writing frames, Braillers, mobility canes, Braille Paper, Braille Press and even thermoform machines are highly needed.

We are also in dare need of Braille Computers and Micro financing of some indigent members.

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