Projections of the Future of Explainer Videos

Future of Explainer Videos

It’s without a doubt that explainer videos offer the best way to instantly engage your target audience. Explainer videos can capture and retain customers to enable you to pass on your marketing message quickly. However, if you think that animated videos represent the future of marketing, think again because this post is going to educate you about the projections of explainer videos:

The popularity of whiteboard explainer videos is spiraling down

Whiteboard explainer videos rocked back in 2007. What made whiteboard videos popular is because the technique is easy and the effects are tuned to hypnotize customers. A meticulously created video can captivate viewers, as it includes bringing your idea from a blank whiteboard through growth, evolution to a complete product to invest in. However, the bubble eventually busted due to the influx of whiteboard explainer videos, and that’s how its impact has diminished today. Maybe whiteboard explainer videos will gain popularity again, but not today.

3D animated explainer videos are taking over

3D animated explainer videos are taking over where whiteboard explainer videos left off. Videos created in 3D rock because they simply look good and are cost-effective. The days of needing a Pixar product to pass a touching brand story are gone with 3D animated explainer videos. Plus, some business concepts simply work far better in 3D than others. For businesses that deal with physical products, the stark details of 3D videos make much sense.

Most shoppers drift towards mobile when viewing explainer videos

The growth of mobile has seen many shoppers use these devices to shop, watch videos and browse other things online. In fact, 65% of people who view Facebook videos use their mobile devices. So if your videos are not optimized for mobile, you’ll be losing out on a ton of viewers every day. You could make crystal clear, informative and catchy explainer videos on a big screen, but if they can’t fit well on a Smartphone, your effort won’t be worthwhile.

An important tip to ensure your explainer videos work well on mobile is to use big, bold and short text. Desist from using long, complex sentences. The rule of thumb is to use 3 to 4 words in each screen of text organized well for any viewer to read and understand it before you move to the next idea. Also, keep images in your explainer videos simple. Desist from using moving images. They tend to distract the viewer from the main text.

While making explainer videos for your brand, always keep a sharp eye out for new inventions. The first stage of making explainer videos is usually costly. But, once you develop your character, choose your voice and strengthen your message, it becomes easy.

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