As the technology turn thing, changes in content delivery are also happening. If you are a conscious marketer, you can ascertain that video content is becoming the central pillar for success in online and digital marketing. A well-animated explainer video can attract almost 4X the number of audiences your 2500words written content would receive.
Remember, your sales depend on the effectiveness of your product or service messages to your target market. You may have the best offers on the market but the inability to inform the potential clients about the same using a method they will understand it, unless a miracle happens, making sales will be a nightmare.

What is an explainer video?

An explainer video is a short video giving information about your products and services using animations in a way that is easy and clear for the target audience to understand. In simple terms, it is a video explaining what you offer, its content and benefits the customer will obtain from it, hence the name explainer.

As such, using this approach, you will boost your conversion rates and in turn enhance your revenue. Notably, videos increase audience engagement. So, using explainer videos, you will likely improve your site user experience.  To help you develop the best-animated explainer videos, here is a list of the most effective and best rated:

Why every business needs an explainer video?

a)    Mint

Simplicity is the internet business language, and that’s the theory behind Mint. When preparing any content for the web, you need to ensure it is simple and concise for your audience to mint it. The concept is not different when dealing with animated explainer videos. Your customers do not have a whole day to watch a series of your products and services. Their interest is to obtain information for purchasing decisions.

Essentially, your intended customers are coming into contact with your products for the first time. Hence, all they need is an overview not a life history of your offers.  Mint enhances your need to make a first wooing impression by enabling you to feature essential aspects of your offers in a simple way.

b)    Crazy Egg

Certainly, some customers are curious about new products. However, they cannot buy them until they see what the products will do for them. In this regard, if you are looking forward for inaction explainer videos, Crazy Egg is your choice. Crazy Egg helps you to deal with the uncertainty aspect of the customers through showing them the value they get from your products.

Particularly, when dealing with technical products online, this animated explainer video enables you to create an idea about your offers in the potential customers’ mind. Hence, Crazy Egg helps you to create an intention to buy in your target market.

c)    Notarize

Naturally, every person loves fun and humor. It is boring to prepare a presentation that does not click the audience limb. In marketing, the humor and fun are essential for product or service memorization and influencing purchase decisions.  Particularly, these aspects form the foundation of any video including the animated explainer videos.

For this reason, Notarize offers you an opportunity to create explainer videos that are funny, watchable and interesting to the audience. Hence, with Notarize, you eliminate the boredom and dryness in your marketing videos. Also, this technique helps you to turn boring ideas into humorous and interesting concepts that every audience will be dying to watch. Thus, your audience shares your explainer videos with their peers which boost your marketing activities.


As you can see, animated explainer videos are core to modern marketing activities. Depending on the needs of your explainer video, the above platforms will enable you to make videos that will woo audiences and help you to deliver your product information in a mastery way.

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